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  • Benjamin Looney
  • My husband and I just returned from a weeklong trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, after consulting with Big Fat World Tours. Being the type of traveler who just likes to explore and enjoy the culture, but not too interested in thinking about logistical details, I really appreciated having Megan do that pre-trip legwork for me, so that I could avoid the thinking and just show up to my beautiful Italian destination and enjoy! We got there with Megan’s itinerary and list of recommendations in hand, and with the use of a guidebook for supplemental details, and of course talking with locals and other travelers along the way, had an amazing, beautiful vacation. From planning our day trips, to choosing which beaches we’d lounge on, and even which spa to indulge in, Megan’s recommendations were so helpful! Grazie mille, Big Fat World Tours!
     Sarah Lednicky Little
  • Went to Istanbul, Turkey with Big Fat World Tours (aka Megan Riley) in November of 2013 and wasn't disappointed. Megan knew her stuff and even how to haggle at the bazaar! We saw many sights and went to a turkish bath. Highlight of the trip was the food, never knew how much I loved lamb. Highly recommend this tour and Megan as a tour guide to anyone.  
    Ben Wilson
  • I reached out to Big Fat World Tours as I was about to embark on a trip to Turkey and was so glad I did! I felt like Megan was almost taking me on a virtual tour in advance as she shared where the "must-see" locations were and what I should expect. She made me feel very comfortable and answered my questions on everything from culture to exchange rates. Now I am more excited than ever about my trip. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Big Fat World Tours!
    Anne Marie Kerr Holder
    Spark Strategic Ideas
  • Megan was wonderful in helping me plan my trip to Iceland. Not only did she help me decide what to see and what to skip, but she sent me articles on which credit cards charged no exchange fees, gave me the name of a great (cheap!) car rental company, and told me what to expect with food and drink. I feel so much more comfortable leading up to the trip knowing that I have a good handle on what to do, eat, and see. Thanks Megan!!!    
    Carly Baker
    Metlife Insurance

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